Corporate restructuring & turnaround

In July 2013, Origin introduced a new corporate advisory service offering, corporate restructuring and turnaround.

Corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring refers to the collection of actions taken by a company or business unit which involves changes to its operational efficiency, its asset/business portfolio and/or its capital and ownership structure.

Origin works with clients to strategically review their operational performance, asset structure and financing mix to maximise the return on capital employed and enterprise value creation. At Origin, we realise the key to any successful restructuring is in implementation.

We understand this challenge and the importance of “hands on” support to our clients. Our services include:

  • Assessment of company/business unit performance and strategic positioning
  • Advice on changing the configuration of assets and liabilities within a given line of business
  • Advice on changing ownership structure
  • Advice on the optimal financing mix, which may include new forms of debt and equity
  • Implementation of restructuring strategies

Corporate turnaround

Most underperforming businesses have at least one thing in common – they destroy enterprise value. If enterprise value destroying performance persists, key stakeholders must take decisive action. Inevitably, major change is required to avoid eventual corporate failure. The management of a distressed situation requires urgent and decisive action. Turnaround experience is vital if a distressed company is to survive. Origin has the experience and track record to deliver the skills and resources to ensure the turnaround is successful.

Origin’s corporate turnaround approach is an integrated, “action orientated” process. The approach includes the following stages:

  • Diagnosis
  • Stabilisation
  • Development of turnaround strategies
  • Development of implementation plans
  • Implementation
  • Business renewal

However, it is the implementation of the strategies that will ultimately determine success or failure. Origin Capital’s “hands on” approach includes:

  • Stabilisation of the immediate crisis
  • Management of reporting to key stakeholders
  • Determination of the turnaround plan with key management
  • Management of resource selection and allocation
  • Management of operational and strategic issues
  • Monitoring turnaround performance